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      Global industry analyst GIA report shows 2010 worldwide Packaging machinery The market reached $32.5 billion, driven by demand from emerging markets worldwide Packaging machinery Sales are expected to exceed $40 billion in 2015. The MPI group reports that nearly half of companies plan to increase spending on production equipment.

  GIA believes that the main driving force behind the growth of packaging equipment sales is the development of emerging markets, especially the asia-pacific region, Latin America and the Middle East. GIA explained that this is due to accelerated industrial development in emerging countries and rapid expansion of food processing and consumer durables industries.   

The high-end market is pushing Packaging machinery Demand goes up. Beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care products as well as chemical products Packaging machinery Demand for... is growing rapidly. Freedonia predicts that food will account for 43% of global sales in 2014, with beverage growth expected to be faster, averaging 5.3% annual economic growth. Not surprisingly, considering that there could be 9 billion people living on earth in 2050, all of whom need to eat and drink.
Packaging machinery Big buyers, about 60 percent. The pharmaceutical industry is less affected by economic fluctuations, because drugs are the basic needs of people's lives, and this industry procurement occupies all Packaging machinery 20% Or so。

According to the VDMA data, the food and beverage industry plays an important role in the national economy and has a large proportion of investment worldwide The general situation of packaging in China is that labor costs are rising and labor pressure is increasing. Many enterprises hope to solve the problem of labor costs through automatic packaging. Within 10 years, packaging machinery will usher in a huge market demand, the future potential is unlimited.