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The full name of the company: xiamen yusheng packaging machinery co., LTD

Sales hotline: 400-6687-588  13906011639

Online customer service:Packaging machinery customer service  3204501934
fax: 0592-5980711



The zip code:361100

Company address: no. 35, huli industrial park, meixi road, huandong sea, xiamen city

Our performance commitment. One-year warranty, long-term maintenance!” 



Xiamen yusheng packaging machinery co., LTD. (route description)
1、From xiamen island:After the jimei bridge, turn right at the end of the bridge, take binhai avenue, go straight ahead, you will see. Huli industrial park ” Five big characters, look for no. 35 yu sheng & NBSP; Workshop.
2、From xiamen railway station:Go to the overpass opposite the railway station BRT express bus take express line 2, to “ Officer invertors & throughout; Station off, next to the huli industrial park, no. 35 is the yu sheng factory. & have spent
3、Out-of-town vehicles to yu sheng:At the intersection of tongan expressway, go in the direction of jimei, turn left at the second traffic light, go straight ahead for about 500 meters, it is huli industrial park, stop to contact us, you can reach yu sheng factory.